Breath Enhancement Training

Breath Enhancement Training

Breath Enhancement Training (BET) is our internationally renowned flagship program, developed originally to help surfers deal with the anxiety and pressure of being held underwater for extended periods of time. We have adapted the program and now have BET programs for all walks of life.

This workshop is remarkable at creating an immediate shift in how participants feel, mentally and physically.

Just like pro-athletes, corporate professionals work under considerable pressure & the stresses and expectations affect the body and mind in the same way, so learning the skills that support performance, especially when under significant or prolonged pressure will have a remarkable effect on mindset, performance and ultimately, happiness.

The knowledge and techniques shared can be easily applied and will lessen each individuals day to day experience of overwhelm, anxiety and pressure, whilst they also learn the techniques to ‘switch off’ after a demanding day at the office.

Breath Enhancement Training has infiltrated the corporate world with a proud reputation of ‘excellence’ amongst super successful companies.

RETREAT OPTION: A popular retreat option sees a number of the practical components being completed in a heated pool.  Activities range from being moderately challenging to extremely relaxing.

  • How to ‘Win the Morning’ & feel more energised
  • How breathing effectively directly improves the quality of your sleep, energy & emotions
  • See ‘live’ how your breathing directly affects your heart beat & composure
  • How to regulate your thinking & decision making in high pressure moments
  • Learn how to ‘switch’ from stressed state into a calm state


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    With over 28 years experience in the health, fitness & wellbeing industries worldwide, Nam specialises in emotional & physiological intelligence & peak performance. He continually explores the achievement of success in high pressure situations. He is a life, health & peak performance coach, strength & conditioning coach, powerful corporate trainer, and a hugely popular keynote speaker.

    Nam is sought after by elite athletes, teams & is the well-kept secret of many ‘top 1 percenters’ in the business world. His gift of simplifying the complicated science behind brain & body performance, & delivering it in life-changing, digestible sessions, creates proven successes.