Breath Enhancement Training

Breath Enhancement Training (BET) is our internationally renowned flagship program, developed originally to help big wave surfers deal with the anxiety and pressure of being held underwater for extended periods of time.

Fast forward 18 years and thanks to working with many world class athletes and entrepreneurs, BET has infiltrated the corporate world with a proud reputation of ‘excellence’ and professionalism amongst super successful companies.


 Teams looking for a dynamic & remarkable experience, creating a shift in how they feel mentally and physically.

 Businesses that value improving the well-being & performance of their people.

 Businesses looking to develop their people and/or their culture.

Just like pro-athletes, execs work under considerable pressure, and the stressors and expectations they face affect their bodies and minds in the same way. Unlike pro-athletes however, execs tend to spend far too much time in states that are unhealthy, that diminish performance and hold them back from being their best selves.

Our team are far more than ‘the breathing guys’. We have vast experience crafting and delivering presentations and workshops that blend interesting science with the more practical education, tools, tricks and techniques that arm participants with the skills to support themselves, and be their best selves in this challenging environment. Your team will hear stories of world champions & walk away knowing they are using the same tips & tools to manage their own states more effectively and achieve greatness.

Our sessions have a remarkable effect on mindset, performance, well-being and happiness. The knowledge and techniques shared can be easily applied and will lessen each individuals day to day experience of overwhelm, anxiety and pressure. We cover what needs to be in place to ‘switch off’ after a demanding day, supporting mental health and another of our most important health pillars – sleep quality.
This particular topic is immersive, interactive, memorable and creates an immediate shift in how participants feel, mentally and physically.


One area that stands out in the performance of world class athletes and execs we work with is how they handle pressure both the mental & the physical. This workshop helps to equip participants with the knowledge & understanding of how to respond to stress, anxiety, pressure & overwhelm and how they can improve the experience by using their breathing – the most effective ‘foundational’ performance practice.
Being able to manage pressure better is handy in all walks of life, and as a leader it helps you to exude a calmer presence during chaotic moments, creating ripple effect in your team; however it also means having the ability to stay calm when someone cuts you off in traffic or when the kids are driving you crazy, improving your 5km run time, or managing your workload more effectively. Better breathing is useful before, during & after any stress or challenge.
A breath check to see if your current patterns are helping or hindering you, including common mistakes to look out for.
How to use breathing to help control or regulate your emotions, thinking & stress levels, whilst helping to lessen anxiety & overwhelm.
How breathing effectively directly improves the quality of your physical & mental energy.
The importance of incorporating some calm into your day, and how.
Learn how to ‘switch’ from a stressed or intense state into a calm & relaxed state quickly.
See ‘live’ how quickly your breathing changes your heart beat & that state of your nervous system.
Know for certain how to breathe correctly at all different heart rate speeds.
How to implement breathing practices in to your day to boost energy, minimise stress & improve sleep quality.
Please visit our Well-being page to see many more benefits that your team will experience through our programs.


  • Highly educational, engaging & interactive presentation with so many takeaways for both business & personal life.
  • Can be run face to face or we have an amazing studio set up to run presentations virtually.
  • This has an additional practical component (on land or in a heated pool).
  • Knowledge is only as good as its practical use; add the practical component after the presentation & your team will dive in to a transformative, immersive experience taking their new physical & mental tools & techniques for a test run.
  • Activities range from being moderately challenging (yet fun!) to extremely relaxing, where your team will be guided through many of the same activities as the world champs we’ve worked with, discovering how to turn intensity or overwhelm in to calmness or clarity.
  • To finish, your group will be guided into a space where a profound sense of calmness will be experienced that has been utterly life changing for so many.
  • *The heated pool option is extremely popular. Want to know how it feels to experience complete composure, relaxation and rejuvenation? Choose this one!
  • Venue for Presentation with large projector screen or TV
  • We have specific venue requirements for the practical immersion components which will be discussed on enquiry.
  • Medical & Liability Form for all participants (pool program only)
  • We will work with you to understand your requirements and tailor a package to suit.
  • Pricing available upon request.


Available on request


    With over 28 years experience in the health, fitness & wellbeing industries worldwide, Nam specialises in emotional & physiological intelligence & peak performance. He continually explores the achievement of success in high pressure situations. He is a life, health & peak performance coach, strength & conditioning coach, powerful corporate trainer, and a hugely popular keynote speaker.

    Nam is sought after by elite athletes, teams & is the well-kept secret of many ‘top 1 percenters’ in the business world. His gift of simplifying the complicated science behind brain & body performance, & delivering it in life-changing, digestible sessions, creates proven successes.