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The Ultimate Well-Being & Performance
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We work with individuals and teams who are committed to greater success and fulfilment through elevating their well-being and performance.
We work with global leaders who are building businesses that drive the world forward and care deeply for their people.
If you’re one of them, we help you and your team to improve your physical, mental and emotional health which propels your business performance and culture to new levels.

Our techniques are easy to apply, grounded in science, and tested every day by some of the world’s best leaders.
Discover their winning formula and how to apply it today!


Who is this program for?

This program is perfect if you:


Get the best out of YOU and YOUR team.

Nam Baldwin’s proven program is easy to understand and highly interactive. Nam will share the very same well-being and performance education, tools, routines and practices that have helped his world-class clientele become elite in their respective fields. A virtual program delivered to you personally by a world leader – Nam’s course covers these highly impactful areas (click on a title to expand):

When this foundational aspect of your health is not being performed effectively, countless other factors contributing to your mental & physical well-being & performance are unknowingly weakened. Get set to be taken on an interactive journey where you’ll discover first whether your breathing is supporting or hindering how you feel, think, perform and act, before learning how to improve its effectiveness. With this in place you’re then able to calm your mind, body & nervous system, so that your daily relationship with stress & pressure is enhanced, and you can generate improvements in your energy levels focus, self-control and sleep quality. This session finishes with a calming breath practice which will have you feeling like a zen monk & ready to tackle anything!

Whether you’re aware of them or not, you have habits, healthy or unhealthy, big or small, and they all combine to form influential routines that really impact your daily experience of life & performance. Forming healthier habits saves you from a lot of unnecessary stress, wasted ENERGY and EFFORT, so you’ll have far more in the tank for your day. In this module you’ll look at 2 of the most important routines that have the biggest impact on your mental & physical wellbeing & performance capabilities. Because the world class athletes that Nam works with must be ready to perform on specific dates at specific times, he’s ‘had’ to find the most effective routines that create the right state in the mind & body, so they are able to perform at their best, or recover well from a big day – and we all need that!

In this 2-part module you’ll discover the fascinating way in which your state of body impacts your state of mind (& vice versa) & how both operate in challenging situations. You’ll discover how to thread simple daily actions in to each day which allow self-awareness, emotional regulation & resilience skills to grow. When you improve your ability to self regulate and manage disruptive emotions, thoughts & impulses, you’re more able to ‘roll with the punches,’ reducing your daily anxieties & emotional load. You can then adapt more easily to stress without the usual fallout & exhaustion, and spend more time being who you want to be. Be captivated as Nam shares really powerful stories about some of Australia’s greatest athletes & how they use the very same education & tools you’ll receive, to break-through mental and emotional barriers and successfully deal with setbacks, uncertainty and performance under pressure.

We know that exercise has a tremendous positive influence on your mental & physical well-being & this module is absolutely fantastic for those that are struggling to find the time or motivation to make it happen. Nam will introduce time efficient, science-based, exercise principles & programs designed to dramatically improve the health & fitness of your heart, lungs & brain for a longer, happier life. Secondly, due to the little known fact that sitting too much during waking hours has basically become the new smoking, you’ll take a look at both the consequences of being on your butt too much & what you can be doing to regain 7 years of your life!

Ever find yourself on a wild roller coaster ride during the day where one minute your emotions, energy & focus is great, & the next minute you feel like crawling under the desk for a nap, the only recipe to continue on = sugary treats + caffeine? You are not alone!! Due to our hectic schedules & ever increasing number of distractions, eating has become a mindless, multi-tasked action, and in this process we are sorely missing out on the power that this health pillar has to elevate our energy, emotions & performance. In this module Nam will share the most important universal nutritional principles and guidelines for a very healthy body and high performance state of mind. You will discover enlightening ways to improve your food choices and be inspired by epic client transformation stories which demonstrate what is possible when we eat more mindfully.

By learning from past performances, good & bad, high performers become very clear on what they need to do, and who they need to be to feel good & perform well consistently. They identify a ‘recipe’ that brings about their A-GAME and this helps them to preserve a strong sense of self-confidence & self-trust in their daily pursuits. In this module Nam will help you to discover & identify the characteristics that define your A-game recipe, and which habits & routines you need to have in place to consistently feel great, perform at your best & cope better with daily pressures. FINALLY, we will provide you with an EPIC tool to ensure you are incorporating your most important personal & business tasks in to your day for your Ultimate Well-Being & Performance!

Choose your team's wellbeing & performance upgrade!

  • CHOOSE YOUR OWN Pick one or more modules based on what you and your team need.
  • Each Session Includes:
    • Live 60 minute Zoom session per module with Nam.
    • Funsheets - interactive worksheets to make each session even more fun.
    • Healthy Habit Challenges - realistic & achievable challenges are set in each session.
    • Follow-up Audio Podcast - summarising each session so that your team can refer back at any time.
    • Follow-up Practical Resources - that reinforce learnings and help your team to implement into busy lives.
    • Follow-up ‘Nams Note’ - visual recording shared between sessions, to support taking action on the weeklyhealthy habit challenges
    • E.G - Our Fundamentals package (4 sessions): Breathing Practices + Winning Habits + Emotional Well-Being (2
  • THE MASTERCLASS SERIES You're on fire! The full masterclass series is our most popular combo containing all course modules to enhance the well-being of your people, boosting productivity and performance & creating a healthier, more conscious culture.
  • Each Session (8) Includes:
    • Live 60 minute Zoom session per module with Nam.
    • Funsheets - interactive worksheets to make each session even more fun.
    • Healthy Habit Challenges - realistic & achievable challenges are set in each session.
    • Follow-up Audio Podcast - summarising each session so that your team can refer back at any time.
    • Follow-up Practical Resources - that reinforce learnings and help your team to implement into busy lives.
    • Follow-up ‘Nams Note’ - visual recording shared between sessions, to support taking action on the weekly
      healthy habit challenges
  • GOING FOR GOLD It’s an irrefutable fact; a team can only grow as much as its leaders are growing. When leaders step up & be the change they want to see, they create an empowering ripple effect through the ranks, strengthening the team as a unit & taking performance to another level.
  • This package includes:
    • Everything listed in the Masterclass Series
    • 1:1 Performance Coaching Packages for the business leader or members of leadership team


  1. How is Nam different? Why should I choose his program?

    Fact-based AND experience-based: With over 28 years of knowledge and experience in performance and wellbeing industries worldwide, Nam Baldwin specialises in human performance in high pressure moments, coaching mindset, physical capabilities and well-being practises.

    Story driven: Nam has worked with the best business leaders, world champions and the every day you & me. Nam is able to deeply connect with your team by sharing these stories which help illustrate the key takeaways for each module within the course.

    Simplifying the complicated science: Nam has a gift of simplifying the complicated science behind brain and body performance whilst delivering it in digestible sessions, creating proven success and powerful outcomes.

    True to us and true to you: Nam lives and breathes his teachings every day. You will quickly see that Nam lives out his life in a very authentic & honest way, not delivering any content he wouldn’t do himself or advise his nearest & dearest.

    No disappearing act: Should Nam be unable to facilitate all questions during the allotted session times, he will answer the questions via alternative methods

  2. How is this program taught?

    We teach this program virtually 'live' (Face 2 Face options can also be discussed). Zoom has proven to be the far superior & more reliable platform when numbers are large. We’re fairly confident you would have used this before! If not, we can answer any questions you might have.

  3. I’m not sure which course module/s are best. Can I call you to discuss?

    Absolutely. We would love to hear about you and your team and suggest the appropriate modules to invest in. Contact us here

  4. How do I get all the In-Session & Follow-Up Resources?

    Easy! We’ll create a Dropbox, share the link and keep you informed of what resources to share and when, to make the roll-out nice & smooth.

  5. How long does each module take to complete?

    All virtual sessions are 60 minutes, except for your first ever interaction with Nam where we request 75 minutes.

  6. How regular should we run sessions if doing the full Masterclass Series?

    We work in with your business cycle and have successfully run programs from 1 module per week up to 1 module per month (and everything in between).  We don't advise any longer than 1 month between sessions otherwise momentum may be lost. 

  7. What is your studio set-up like?

    It’s epic! We’ve continually upgraded the quality of our virtual training offering since March 2020. Our studio has a number of high tech cameras, professional audio quality, interactive software & light-boards plus one super engaging facilitator running the show! Let’s meet online & you can check it out in person.

  8. My teams are distributed across different time zones, what do you suggest?

    No problem, we can do multiple deliveries of each module at times that suit.

  9. I would like my Executive Team to do the modules separately to the rest of the staff, what do you suggest?

    You have the option to choose multiple deliveries of each module.

  10. English is a 2nd language for some of my team. What are our options?

    Nam will slow down & simplify his language & we can discuss the option of translating some resources (so far we have in-session resources translated in to simplified Chinese & Vietnamese).

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    With over 28 years experience in the health, fitness & wellbeing industries worldwide, Nam specialises in emotional & physiological intelligence & peak performance. He continually explores the achievement of success in high pressure situations. He is a life, health & peak performance coach, strength & conditioning coach, powerful corporate trainer, and a hugely popular keynote speaker.

    Nam is sought after by elite athletes, teams & is the well-kept secret of many ‘top 1 percenters’ in the business world. His gift of simplifying the complicated science behind brain & body performance, & delivering it in life-changing, digestible sessions, creates proven successes.