Performance Coaching Executives

Performance Coaching Executives

No matter how busy your life becomes, to perform and thrive in your personal and professional roles to the best of your ability, to achieve success AND feel fulfilled by it, it’s vital to have clarity around who you are (your identity), how to fulfil your personal & professional needs and how to grow in a sustainable manner for your mind, body and soul.

Dedication to professional success &/or bringing up a family can be extremely demanding on your time, energy, personal resources, relationships, health and emotions! Nam has the knowledge plus a tonne of experience, to assist you in discovering what must be put in place to take yourself to the next level or stop a downward spiral and start thriving again.

Nam Baldwin is a man you can trust with your challenges & goals and has proven successes with World & Olympic champions, as well as very elite business professionals. His 1:1 Elite Performance Coaching is a one-stop-shop addressing your unique mind and body challenges. Through a combination of emotional and physiological education, you will discover answers & methods you can implement immediately.

After pre-work & discussion, your coaching package will be uniquely tailored to improve your life, in the areas you wish. Below is just an example of what Nam can offer:


• Self Discovery: You have a purpose and you crave meaning. Let Nam help you get clear on your philosophy & what you stand for, making it easier to experience deep meaning, purpose and passion.

• Your Best: Once your philosophy is clear, it’s necessary to define the actions & habits that will ensure you’re living your philosophy each day. When you are clear on what these actions and habits look and feel like, being your best becomes a daily experience & you find yourself living more authentically.

LEARN ON THE GO! Nam’s unique skills can be seen in the following areas which are delivered by blending theory with fun & practical experiences/coaching, this means that your traits can be identified in-the-moment and new skills can be tested & applied immediately.

• Mental Skills: Learn key mental skills for high performance & inspiring leadership. Identify disruptive behaviours that negatively affect your performance and compromise relationships & connection with those around you.

• Energy vs Fatigue: Identify what is contributing to your brain fog & physical fatigue and put the most effective methods in place to boost your health, focus, energy & enthusiasm.

• Manage Pressure: Pressure can bring out the best or worst in you. Learn how the best individuals & teams manage to thrive under pressure. After revealing your traits, you will work on your unique process to manage pressure so that you are able to experience your own life changing break-throughs.


    With over 28 years experience in the health, fitness & wellbeing industries worldwide, Nam specialises in emotional & physiological intelligence & peak performance. He continually explores the achievement of success in high pressure situations. He is a life, health & peak performance coach, strength & conditioning coach, powerful corporate trainer, and a hugely popular keynote speaker.

    Nam is sought after by elite athletes, teams & is the well-kept secret of many ‘top 1 percenters’ in the business world. His gift of simplifying the complicated science behind brain & body performance, & delivering it in life-changing, digestible sessions, creates proven successes.