Keynote: Leadership Presence

Keynote: Leadership Presence


Let’s talk about the way you show up in your role and the personal practices you need to have in place that allow you to be a great leader.

Anxiety is fast becoming an epidemic and in the younger generations this is showing up as a lack of consistency in what they pursue in life and therefore they struggle to develop the traits of self-trust & self-belief.   

For future generations to thrive, leaders need to pave the way by consistently having a calmer presence amongst the chaos, practicing high quality personal practices & behaviours that will serve them always, regardless of strategy, challenge or change, helping to level out anxious tendencies & create long-standing teams.

Practicing Breath Work

Ancient wisdom and modern science tell you that when you are challenged your brains functions are highly influenced by the way in which you are breathing. If you are breathing well in the face of challenge you can make better decisions.  The better you breathe, the calmer and more in control you will be when it matters most.  See how this one aspect has assisted some of the world’s best leaders in sport and business to achieve their greatest goals.  Breathing can become your most trusted ally.

Developing Self Regulation

How you manage your energy, focus, mindset and behaviours has a direct effect on those around you.  Who do you need to be to bring out the best in others?  Good leaders make good decisions, at the right time, and trust in their ability.  With practice, your ability to trust yourself when it counts will define you.

Setting Clear Intention

How do you start your day? How do you reach for the very best? In a highly volatile and competitive world, those that are clear about their intentions break though to new grounds of achievement. How did a 7 x World Champion achieve her life vision and become the legend?

Practice(ing) Breath Work
  • Discover how this one aspect of self control is your best ally in both leadership & performance.
  • How to generate a state of calm when it matters most.
  • Why the worlds highest performers go to this practice.
Develop(ing) Self Regulation
  • What it means for those around you when you are consistently at your best.
  • Where self regulation begins.
  • The simple mental skills for future leaders.
Set(ting) Clear Intention
  • Your power is in your ‘word’.
  • How a 7 x World Champion discovered the power of Intention.
  • Aligning with your Intention.


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    With over 28 years experience in the health, fitness & wellbeing industries worldwide, Nam specialises in emotional & physiological intelligence & peak performance. He continually explores the achievement of success in high pressure situations. He is a life, health & peak performance coach, strength & conditioning coach, powerful corporate trainer, and a hugely popular keynote speaker.

    Nam is sought after by elite athletes, teams & is the well-kept secret of many ‘top 1 percenters’ in the business world. His gift of simplifying the complicated science behind brain & body performance, & delivering it in life-changing, digestible sessions, creates proven successes.